Dirty Dozen Weekend



Providence Swings had a big swing dance weekend coming up that will pull participants locally as well as from other states. They wanted to get a site set up that would handle a number of functions usually done manually like online registration, housing requests, sponsors for housing, and maps of the area for accommodations and restaurants. The registration process required a tiered pricing system where the first bunch of tickets would be offered for the least amount and once sold out the next tier would kick in for the next group of slightly higher pricing for 5 tiers. We figured out a solution using Gravity Forms to handle this – really pushing this wonderful application to its limit, it pretty much handled it beautifully except for a couple of minor glitches.

Adam Dau created the wonderful graphics on the site and has really brought Providence Swings and this weekend event to a much higher level.

As usual, it was a pleasure working with Adam throughout the development of this project. Please check out their site and perhaps sign up for this weekend event or look for more in the future!