WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress is wonderful for business website owners, but keeping your WordPress website secure, up to date and running smoothly can be a hassle.

This WordPress Maintenance Plan is designed primarily for existing clients with WordPress sites I have built, however, if you are interested in this plan for a website that was not developed by me, please contact me so we can discuss it further as there are other considerations to be addressed in this situation.

The WordPress Maintenance Plan is optional, however your site is at risk of breaking, becoming outdated or vulnerable to hackers and malware. This maintenance service ensures that your site is always up-to-date and protected with the latest security patches and updates. While clients can install updates on their own, it does require some working knowledge of the WordPress admin area. If you would like a recommended lists of tasks you can use to maintain your site yourself, please contact me.

Why Is It Important?

WordPress releases new updated versions on a regular basis. It’s very important to keep up with these upgrades for security reasons – sites running older versions of WordPress can be much more vulnerable to hacking. And plugins on your site also require occasional updating for exactly the same reason.

This maintenance service can help you keep your WordPress site or blog running quickly and securely; security features will be installed to make your site far less prone to hacking.

The WordPress Maintenance Plan includes the following tasks:

Initial Setup
  • Install and configure security plugins to protect your site
  • Install and configure a backup utility plugin for running and scheduling regular backups
  • Backup your WordPress database and files which are stored on Amazon’s S3 online cloud storage service
  • Backup WordPress database and files prior to monthly maintenance tasks
  • Verify all backups over the past month have run successfully and are accounted for
  • Visually check website for any formatting problems or functionality issues
  • Run malware scan
  • Check for and resolve broken links
  • Remove spam comments
  • Install new WordPress releases when available
  • Check licensing for all plugins and themes
  • Install available updates to plugins and themes
  • Visually recheck site for any formatting or layout problems and verify plugins and themes are functioning properly

What Does It Cost?

Website Maintenance Service is $40.00/month

Do You Guarantee My Site Won’t Be Hacked?

Sorry – I can’t guarantee it. But with this service package, the likelihood will be greatly reduced. And if it does get hacked, this work will enable you to get up and running again more quickly.

*** If you are not a client of mine please contact me prior to signing up for this plan ***
WordPress Maintenance Plan: $50/month billed automatically through Paypal subscription.
Credit Card payment will be an option through the Paypal checkout process.
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