WordPress Web Design and Development

Are you looking for a strong web presence that puts a smart and clear message out about your business?

I design and build WordPress websites ranging from very simple websites with under 5 pages to large and complex websites with many pages, custom graphics or special functionality such as e-commerce, complex forms, and membership management. Whether you are looking for your first website for you business, need to freshen up a worn out site or are seeking new functionality for you site, I am happy to work with you to find the best solution.

Why WordPress?

WordPress used to be known primarily as a blogging application but has grown into a robust and hugely popular Content Manangement System (CMS). As an open source (free) PHP and MySQL powered application, WordPress offers many features including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) functionality
  • Web standards compliance
  • Easily updateable content
  • Many plug-ins for added functionality
  • Numerous themes to customize the layout and look of your site
  • A large user support community

All my websites are built using:

Web Domain Registration and Hosting

Confused about setting up your website? It’s very important to make sure you choose a hosting solution with a reputable hosting company that offers excellent user support and great hosting for WordPress sites. There are so many options out there for domain registration and website hosting that it is not uncommon for people to sign on with companies that don’t suit their needs ending up with a mess for everyone.

I will help you with domain registration and recommend smart hosting solutions for you, we will work together to make this step an easy one for you.

How Much Will A Website Cost?

Since people have different needs and budgets, I offer different levels of website design and development. To understand more of what goes into pricing a website its important that you understand what my process is. It breaks down into 6 steps to build a website – each step can be handled simply or more complexly depending on your needs, budget and time frame.

The good news is that a WordPress site will give you an excellent foundation on which to grow your website as your business grows. Read more about my design & development process here.